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Our story – our offer

By Rodophe R.J. Schroetter, Founder & CEO

Our Story

I spent 22 years of my life on the field, of which 10 as a CHRO and 3 as an entrepreneur, close to employees, managers, and C-Levels.

To date, I just have one certitude: our future relies on the women and men that work for and/or lead our companies’ strategy and destiny.

monRH@moi aims to support the efficiency, the efficacy and the results of your French operations.

Nevertheles, you may have heard, or personally faced, that it may also be some of « risky gamble » because of complex labor laws potentially leading to fatal outcome in case of a bad management in the workplace.

How to make my French business profitable in the most cost-effectively manner?

monRH@moi, Your HCM Partner in France that supports your performance!

We offer an all-inclusive « pay per-headcount » service that monthly vary regarding your actual workforce.

Our Vision and Dreams: to hand to you on a platter
1. a secured workplace: you outsource a major part of your social risk
2. a day-to-day serenity: you keep focusing on clients, innovation and teams’ engagement.
3. a full peace-of-mind: you dramatically lower your stress level regarding French labor inspection, payroll, disciplinary, compliance, safety at work,…

Our Mission: to take care about 100% of your HR issues while you focus on customers and profitability.

You now are one click away from the best solution, that you could ever find in France, to leave any HR concern aside and meet your results’ expectations.

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